Selfdrivinglawyer.com is an online resource and
directory, designed specifically for those needing legal
services and guidance after a self-driving car accident
has taken place.

The Self-Driving Lawyer directory helps connects those
who’ve been injured by a self-driving vehicle with the
attorneys and firms that specialize in the unique legal
issues associated with autonomous vehicle accidents.

Our guide is easy to use, and provides a State-by-State
(and city-by-city) listing of legal resources relevant to
self-driving car accidents and injuries.  Simply use the
clickable map on our home page to assist you in finding
the nearby attorneys and lawfirms in your area who have
the working knowledge needed to navigate the legal system.


Please take note: the Selfdrivinglawyer.com site acts
primarily as a directory, where our stated goal is to help
connect individuals who’ve been injured by a self-driving
car  with the nearby attorneys and legal advocates  who
are best suited to deal with such incidents.  Laws do change
quickly, and so we also provide a platform for lawyers and
lawfirms to post articles and extended content related the
topic of autonomous vehicle accidents.  Any-and-all articles
posted on the selfdrivinglawer.com site are intended to provide
a knowledge base, while also providing an opinion.

But opinions change.

As does the law.

This being said, the articles and content posted on this
site should only be used to build up a knowledge base
and to understand the various opinions in existence
with regard to self-driving cars.  Articles and content
are not intended for use as legal advice.